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​Scottish Association of Bengali Arts and Sanskritik Heritage (SC048707)

Registered charity from 18 September 2018

Scottish Association of Bengali Arts and Sanskritik Heritage (SABASH) is the ever growing charitable organisation in the hearts of Scotland, Edinburgh. The organisation is fully committed towards promoting, facilitate and arranging the rich Bengali culture and heritage in and around Scotland.

  1. To promote Indian Bengali arts, culture and heritage in Scotland through Bengali music, dance, drama and celebration of popular festivals of Eastern region of India.

  2. To advance of the education of the public about Indian art, particularly Bengali culture and in furtherance thereof.

  3. To promote, facilitate, revive and organise predominantly Bengali art, cultural and literary activities among the local and ethnic Bengali minority community in the East of Scotland.

  4. To organise the celebration of Bengali key festivals.

  5. To arrange the teaching of Bengali dance, drama and music among the ethnic and local community.​

  6. Collaborate with other charity organisations in promoting Indian culture along with other social and community causes.

SABASH invites all members of our community to participate in these events by either volunteering to take part in the cultural programs like songs, recitation, drama or take part in various other activities like site decoration, web-site management, stage management and even food preparation.
We attract general public by means of various publicity channels e.g. social media, posters & flyers.  Word of Mouth and mailing list are also used to promote the event. Edinburgh Durgotsav is covered in our websites and also in Indian media - predominantly TV channels from India.

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